These High-End Types of machinery in top luxury cars are the Best Vehicles According to U.S.A  News Rankings

Have a look to the list of luxury cars brands we review; there are a lot of brands in the market Some are now old but hold a significant place in the archives, while others are advance having the latest technology. A buyer has to keep track of, but fortunately, you don’t have to.

Brands Overview

Our new automobiles list to keep you up to date with the best options in every class, and our annual list of luxury cars brands are a great overview for the manufacturers and buyers that most deserve the attention. These brands also known as expensive car brands.

The Best Luxury Car Brands having great factors that are most important to you, so you can easily check out which manufacturers offer the highest-quality advanced vehicles.

List of luxury cars brands ratings is based on the U.S. News Best overall vehicle scores, which is based on safety, efficiency and reliability data, as well as driving techniques from expert automotive critics.

After you read our list of luxury car brands, be sure to check out our complete overview in this article. Here are the luxury High Tech brands you should consider if you are planning to go market for your next new vehicle.

So you have a few bucks in your pocket. You’re moving on up and searching to buy for a car something sleek and speedy. For sure, you can go get yourself a luxury one, but need some kind of predictable and ordinary at this point.

Maybe it’s time for advance and different – like a high-tech car. There is a big list of luxury cars brands to choose from, and each offers a unique and amazing personality based on years of refinement trust, and significantly designed features meant to create an optimal experience.

More expensive and high-tech than mainstream models manufactured by luxury car companies are a part of a class trend these days, and level of remark rather than utility.

If you're planning have a luxury to a premium car, this trending guide provides latest updates about the 10 most popular* luxury cars in the USA, including pricing; accuracy, efficiency, and market ratings; fuel usage; safety measurements and cargo capacity.

 List Of Luxury Cars Brands Fo 10 Most Popular Brands

10) Audi A3 (19,622 sales)

 list of luxury cars brands

Known as the entry-level car in Audi’s range one of the best luxury cars, the A3 is offering in convertible, sedan and hatchback body shapes. It depends on the body, three turbocharged engine is provided, merge with front-wheel or all-wheel drive and a dual-clutch modified mode transmission. In the list Hatchbacks are specifically paired with Audi’s plug-in hybrid powertrain mechanism technology, which drives up to 16 miles mode of electric driving range and blends with 204 horsepower.

Complete Vehicle Appeal—4 PCRs                                                     
Starting Price—$31,825                                                                         
NHTSA Crash Test Rating—5 Stars*
Fuel Economy (city/highway mpg)—23/33
Initial Quality—3 PCRs                                                                     
Predicted Reliability—untested                                                       
Cargo Volume (A3 Sedan)—12.3 cu. ft.
Cargo Volume (A3 Cabriolet)—9.9 cu. ft.
Fuel Economy Rating and testing for Plug-in Hybrid—83 MPGe
IIHS Crash Test Rating—“Top Safety Pick”*
Cargo Volume (A3 Sportback)—13.6 cu. ft.**

*These list of  luxury cars brands fetched ratings applies only to sedan; Convertible and hatchback have not been tested to this category

**Audi does not provide an exact measurement with the specific seat folded down

9) Lexus IS (20,560 sales)

Aggressively and classy styled, the luxury Lexus is one of the top luxury car brands designed to be a pre-luxury sports sedan. It is designed with a turbocharged 4-cylinder or a V-6 powerful engine blend with rear-wheel drive or with an extended version of the V-6 engine and all-wheel drive in it. The F Sports function package helps the Lexus IS to enhance to its sporting potential.

Starting Price—$38,300
Calculated Reliability—Not rated
IIHS Crash Test Rating—Incomplete testing Overall Vehicle Appeal—Not rated
NHTSA Crash Test Rating—5 Stars
Initial Quality—Not calculated Fuel Economy (city/highway mpg)—19/33
Cargo Volume—10.8 cu. ft.

8) Mercedes-Benz E-Class (20,995 sales)

We place number 8 in the list, Mercedes-Benz featured with a coupe, station wagon, and convertible, sedan merged with a wide range of turbocharged With its E-Class range of mid-level high tec luxury cars, V-6, and V-8 engines and 4-cylinder. All auto drive is available, and features in the sedan and wagon are featured with available AMG performance tuning. The most affordable, effective and efficient model has a diesel engine.

Base Quality—Not rated
Predicted Reliability—Not rated
Starting Price—$53,575
NHTSA Crash Test feature—4 Stars*
Complete Vehicle Appeal—Not rated
Fuel Economy (city/highway mpg)—15/42
IIHS Crash Test Rating—“Top Safety Pick”*
Cargo Volume (E-Class Sedan)—12.9 cu. ft.
Cargo Volume (E-Class Convertible)—11.5 cu. ft.
Cargo Volume (E-Class Wagon)—29.0-57.4 cu. ft.
Cargo Volume (E-Class Coupe)—13.3 cu. ft.

*Calculation applies only to sedan and wagon; Coupe and convertible were all these not tested yet (NHTSA) or testing is incomplete (IIHS)

7) BMW 4 Series (22,462 sales)

If you are willing to buy a BMW 4 Series also known as most reliable luxury cars, you can choose between a 5-door hatchback called the Gran Coupe, coupe and convertible A turbocharged 4-cylinder engine is featured, with a turbocharged 6-cylinder an advanced upgrade. All-wheel drive is available in it, while BMW’s M performance and speed tuning are available only for the M4 Convertible and M4 Coupe.

Starting Price—$42,945*
Predicted Reliability—Not rated yet
Fuel Economy (city/highway mpg)—17/35
Initial Quality—3 PCRs
Complete Vehicle Appeal—5 PCRs
NHTSA Crash Test Rating—Not rated
IIHS Crash Test Rating—Not rated
Cargo Volume (4 Series Convertible)—13.2 cu. ft.
Cargo Volume (4 Series Gran Coupe)—18.0-45.9 cu. ft.
Cargo Volume (4 Series Coupe)—15.7 cu. ft.

*Pricing is for the 2017 models

6) Acura TLX (22,039 sales)

The Acura TLX sedan launched as a substitute for both the TL and TSX models in this luxury cars brands list. These are the top rated luxury cars. They sized and featured more like the old TSX, but offers with Acura’s Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) structure like old, and TLX offer a range between a V-6 engine 4-cylinder1, and front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

Predicted Reliability—Not rated yet
Stating Price—$32,635
Initial Quality—3 PCRs
NHTSA Crash Test Rating—5 Stars
Cargo Volume—14.3 cu. ft.
Overall Vehicle Appeal—3 PCRs
Fuel Economy (city/highway mpg)—21/35 mpg
IIHS Crash Test Rating—Not a “satisfactory Safety Pick”


5) Infiniti Q50 (23,060 sales)

As figure calculated the Infiniti Q50 is greater than an advanced entry-luxury sedan but smaller than a  mid-luxury model. It featured with a choice between a turbocharged a V-6 engine, 4-cylinder, and a large gas-electric hybrid model is also attached with it. No matter the powertrain, Infiniti will shift to the rear-wheel drive for all-wheel drive. It Depends on what under the roof, the Q50 featured with standard, Premium, and Red Sport 400 trim levels. Here is a close analysis for the best value luxury car.

Starting Price—$34,856
Predicted Reliability—Not rated yet
Initial Quality—Not rated yet
NHTSA Crash Test Rating—Testing incomplete overall
Cargo Volume (Q50)—13.2 cu. ft.
Overall Vehicle Appeal—Not rated
Fuel Economy (city/highway mpg)—19/34
IIHS Crash Test Rating—Testing incomplete
Cargo Volume (Q50 Hybrid)—9.4 cu. ft.   

4) BMW 5 Series (23,578 sales)

As BMW is mid-sized luxury sports sedan and its unusual 5-door hatchback derivative are famous as the 5 Series Gran Turismo and 5 Series Sedan. Turbocharged engines with 4, 6, or 8 cylinders are available in it, and clients can swap rear-wheel drive for all-wheel drive. The 5 Series Sedan is also featured with a gas-electric hybrid drivetrain,  turbodiesel engine, and in performance- M5 format.

Initial Quality—3 PCRs
Base Price—$51,197
Overall Vehicle Appeal—4 PCRs
Predicted Reliability—3 PCRs
Fuel Economy (city/highway mpg)—14/38
NHTSA Crash Test Rating—5 Stars overall
Cargo Volume (5 Series Sedan)—18.4 cu. ft.
IIHS Crash Test Rating—Not a “full Safety Pick”
Cargo Volume (5 Series Hybrid)—13.2 cu. ft.
Cargo Volume (5 Series Gran Turismo)—17.7-60 cu. ft.

3) Lexus ES (33,397 sales)

As its base price at less than $40,000, the Lexus ES is often assumed in the list of luxury cars brands to be smaller and speedy than larger in size. Anyways, luxury car convention has buyers paying more for large vehicles. In reality, the ES giving a platform with the heavy Toyota Avalon, giving it a great interior. It has A V-6 standard engine and Lexus offers a gas-electric hybrid powertrain as an option in it.

Initial Quality—Not rated yet
Starting Price—$39,075
Fuel Economy (city/highway mpg)—21/39
Predicted Reliability—Not rated yet
Overall Vehicle Appeal—Not rated yet
IIHS Crash Test Rating—standard “Top Safety Pick”
Cargo Volume (ES)—15.2 cu. ft.
NHTSA Crash Test Rating—5 Stars (best)
Cargo Volume (ES Hybrid)—12.1 cu. ft.

2) BMW 3 Series (39,781 sales)

In luxury car brands ranking, BMW’s iconic 3 Series is featured with, station wagon, sedan and Gran Turismo body styles and colors, having a tall-riding 5-door hatchback. Turbocharged 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder engines are available in it, combined with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. A turbodiesel engine is featured, as well as an M3 playing variant and a plug-in hybrid modal with a claimed 14 miles of pure-electric automated driving range.

Initial Quality—4 PCRs
Starting Price—$34,445
Predicted Reliability—2 PCRs
Fuel Economy Rating for Plug-in Hybrid—72 MPGe
Overall Vehicle Appeal—4 PCRs
Fuel Economy (city/highway mpg)—17/42
Cargo Volume (3 Series Plug-in Hybrid)—13.0 cu. ft.
NHTSA Crash Test Rating—5 Stars* (best)
IIHS Crash Test Rating—Not a “Top Safety Pick”
Cargo Volume (3 Series Sedan)—17 cu. ft.
Cargo Volume (3 Series Gran Turismo)—18.4-56.5 cu. ft.
Cargo Volume (3 Series Wagon)—17.5-53.0 cu. ft.

*This calculation does not apply to 330e Plug-in Hybrid model, which has not been tested yet.

1) Mercedes-Benz C-Class (43,580 sales)

I place it in the top position in the list of luxury cars brands. For luxury lovers, Mercedes-Benz ownership leads to success and reflected as a reward for a good doing completed task. Not a second opinion then that the C-Class, one of the most affordable and efficient Mercedes models, is the best-selling luxury car in the USA. A range of turbocharged, 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder and 8-cylinder engines are featured in it; the latter is reserved for the AMG performance-tuned types of the vehicle. All-wheel drive having an option, and a plug-in hybrid variant supplies 20 miles of pure-electric and smooth driving range.

Initial Quality—Not rated yet
Starting Price—$39,875
Fuel Economy Rating for Plug-in Hybrid—Not rated
Predicted Reliability—Not rated
Overall Vehicle Appeal—Not rated yet
Fuel Economy (city/highway mpg)—18/34
Cargo Volume (E-Class)—12.6 cu. ft.

NHTSA Crash Test Rating—5 Stars* (best)
IIHS Crash Test Rating—Testing incomplete yet
Cargo Volume (E-Class Plug-in Hybrid)—11.8 cu. ft.

*This calculation does not apply to C350e Plug-in Hybrid model, which has not been tested yet

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